This lavishly illustrated local history book gives you a unique opportunity to travel back in time and experience Rugby as it was in a past era.  If you are a newcomer you are assured hours of enjoyable reading and browsing, and if you were born in the locality you will find the illustrations will spark many memories for you and your family. Inside you'll find:

  • An Evocative collection of high quality archive photographs from the world famous Francis Frith collection.
  • A finely detailed aerial photograph offering you a fresh perspective on how your locality has evolved  and grown during the past century.
  • Historical Ordnance Survey and Victorian county maps packed with fascinating period detail.

Frith's historical photographs are renowned the world over for the clarity and fine detail - unlike many of the illustrations in other local history books which are simply copies of old postcards. 

You'll find the Frith images within these pages acting as crystal-clear windows on the past, bringing you invaluable insights into the history and heritages of your locality.