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Posted June 17, 2012

Not normally the type of book I would read...

Not normally the type of book I would read, but having picked up the free 20% I was engrossed. If I ever thought my life was going through a rough patch, Wattie no, Walter, has come along to show me that things could be a lot worse.

This is an epic tale of a nobody from a medieval English village and the luck or fate that follows him. From running away from a murder charge and befriending lords and performers alike with travels taking him far and wide, even to the holy lands for the crusades. This boy starts a journey and despite the odds, lives to become a full man.

I really enjoyed this book, I hope you will too.

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Blair Hodgkinson's review 

Sep 15, 12

4/5 Stars - Really liked it.
Read in May, 2012


Very much enjoyed this book which was well-researched and historically satisfying. Young Walter's adventures are far-ranging and a little improbable, but demonstrate the possibilities of a life cut loose of social protection and expectation. I recommend it.

Makayla was kind enough to provide one of the first reviews of 'A Masterless Man', which also came third in the book of the month competition.  Her book review site can be found here.

My Review: Walter is a good guy trying to do the right thing but it seems fate is not on his side. One trial after another confronts him in this book.

While there seemed to be a little too much trouble for me within the book, I loved the historical aspect of it -- brilliantly told. This is a good one to pick up just for the history.