A throne is the prize and the Saxon Earl Harold and William the Bastard of Normandy are about to battle to the death to gain it. A land and its people are torn apart and forged anew. Eleventh-century England is drawn in all its bloody, violent, turbulent and irresistible colour, in a magnificent historical novel.

"I accept your gift, but I have nothing of equal worth to give you in return. So, I will make you this pledge, I vow that if you ever have need of me, then you have but to summon me and I will repay you with any favour you have to ask."

Words spoken to a child in return for the gift of her greatest treasure. Renauld de Lassay has no premonition that his freely given vow will forever change his life. But the young Norman squire who was the honoured guest in Saxon Godmund's hall is now returning in the Bastard's army, and the child Ceolwyn is a woman who has seen her family shatter in the wake of the Battle of Hastings. 

Grieving and full of hatred Ceolwyn redeems her promised favour and demands of Renaud: Give me back all I have lost. And until the impossible task is fulfilled there can be no healing of the deep and bitter breech, between Renaud and Ceolwyn, serf and master, Saxon and Norman...

Sarah Pernell's recreation of a wounded and divided land is a brilliant blend of historical fact and imaginative fiction, people by characters whose politics and passions are as vivid as our own.

This e-book is the original paper manuscript version before it was cut for hardcopy publishing.

Sarah Pernell