I'm a Londoner born and bred but have lived for over 20 years now in the town of Rugby, where the football game of the same name originated. I'm married, with two grown-up children.

I've always been fascinated by history, particularly the early mediaeval period, and was prompted to write my first novel after reading one so poorly researched that I felt I just had to do better.

My first book, "The Gift and the Promise", set at the time of the Norman Conquest, was published originally by Piatkus but is now available in e-book format, as is my second novel "A Masterless Man" which follows the fortunes of the direct descendants of the characters in "The Gift and the Promise" over a hundred years later.

It may well be that future books will see this family's progress through the centuries to the present day.


I have released my latest short story in the Cottesham series called Silvertree that follows the story of Two young men, one Saxon, one Norman, that had been thrown together by the violence of their pasts.

Embracing the sanctuary of the church, both are destined to take their vows and forsake the cruelty of the outside world. But when chance intervenes, they must leave the safety of the abbey, setting off on a journey to right a wrong and rebuild the lives that they had lost.

I hope you enjoy it.

Jenah over at Indie Book Blog database has been kind enough to post an interview we did last week.  It talks about where I'm from and how I've come to write my books and my inspiration.